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When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it. It won't be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me. Hook to Emma
He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.Klaus to Caroline
You don't care about getting hurt, but you know how I'll feel ? I'll Be devastated. If you die, I will literally go out of my freakin' mind. You see, death doesn't happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you, to all the people left standing at your funeral trying to figure out how they're gonna live rest of their lives without you in it.Stiles to Lydia
I remember the first time I saw you. Your hair was in two braids instead of one. And I remember when you sang in the music assembly, the teacher said 'Who knows The Valley Song?' and your hand shot straight up. After that I... I watched you go on home every day... Every day.Peeta to Katniss
I could let you die, if that's what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I've thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I'll let you in on a little secret ; There's a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. You can have a thousand more birthdays. All you have to do is ask.Klaus to Caroline
Hey, you saved my life today. And you may be a total ass half of time. But ... I need you. We all need you.Clarke to Bellamy
Today is the day my life begins,. All my life I've been just me, just a smart-ass kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today I become accountable to you, to our future, to all the possibilities that our marriage has to offer. Together no matter what happens I'll be ready for anything, for everything... To take on life, to take on love, take on possibility and responsibility. Today, Izzie Stevens, our life together begins... And I for one can't wait.Alex to Izzie
You're beautiful, you're strong, you're full of light. I enjoy you.Klaus to Caroline
So after, when he whispers "You love me. Real or not real ?", I tell him "Real"Katniss & Peeta
Clarke. Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.Bellamy to Clarke
What we feel happens once in a lifetime.Brandon to Callie
Klaus: Maybe it's because I'm pure evil, and I can't help myself.
Caroline: No. It's because you were hurt. Which means that there is a part of you that is human.
Klaus: How could you possibly think that?
Caroline: Because I've seen it. Because... I've caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you've done.
Klaus: But you can't. Can you?Klaus & Caroline
You don't need the instructions. When's the last time you've ever used the instructions ? You don't need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them, okay ? You can figure it out, Stiles ... You're the one who always figures it out.Lydia to Stiles
I've shown kindness, forgivness, pity, because of you, Caroline. It was all for you.Klaus to Caroline
“I'm in love with you," he said quietly.
"Augustus," I said.
"I am," he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling. "I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.” Hazel & Augustus
"And the second thing ?
I love you"Felicity & Oliver
Mon amour, demain je pars pour un grand voyage, et même si je suis triste, je pars heureuse et sereine car j'ai appris avec toi à ne pas avoir peur de ce que nous réserve l'inconnu. J'ai appris que de montrer nos fragilités c'était nous rendre plus fort. J'ai appris à ne pas avoir peur d'aimer, avec toi Zac, j'ai appris à vivre, tu vas tant me manquer et pourtant je sais, je sens en moi que nous allons nous retrouver alors peu importe le nombre de jours ou de semaines qui nous sépare de ce moment là puisque nous nous retrouverons pour longtemps. En attendant, je te laisse un peu de mon odeur et cette petite lumière pour que tu n'aies plus jamais peur du noir tant que tu seras tout seul, tant que je ne serai pas à côté de toi. Je t'aime et je t'attends. Ton étoile, Sarah.Sarah à Zachary
You're amazing, and kind, and smart, and beautiful. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to have everything you want.Brandon to Callie
If you need forgiveness, I'll give that to you. You're forgiven. Please come inside.Bellamy to Clarke
Fitz : I couldn't live if you didn't.
Simmons: What ? I feel the same way. There has to be another way.
Fitz : You're taking it ...
Simmons : Why would you make me do this ? You're my best friend in the world !
Fitz : Yeah, you're more than that Jemma. But I couldn't find the courage to tell you. So, please. Let me show you.Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons
I don't know what's gonna happen on this assignment, and if something bad goes down, I'd be pissed at myself if I don't say this: I kinda wish something...could happen...between us...romantic-stylez. And I know it can't, 'cause you're with Teddy, and I'm going undercover, and that's just how it is. Anyway, we're not supposed to have any contact, so I should go.Jake to Amy
Simmons: You'll be careful.
Fitz: I won't be careful, I'll get the job done.
Simmons: Well, watch your back because I just saw Hunter with Bobbi and it made me realize that... It's just that, we never really spoke about what you said to me at the bottom of the ocean.
Fitz: This? Now? You want to talk about this now?
Simmons: No, we don't... it means a lot to me that we're friends again and maybe when you get back we could finally just talk about it.
Fitz: There's nothing to discuss Jemma.
Simmons: Maybe there is.Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons
It's not just someone to hold you under. It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you. A kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles.Deaton about Stiles and Lydia
They're pretty good together. No super strength or samurai swords, but they stay alive. Lydia used to pretend not to be smart. Stiles was the only one who knew. He paid attention. He listened to her.Scott about Stiles and Lydia
I can't live in a world that doesn't have you in it.Fitz to Simmons
There is one person in particular that I am grateful for. You. Someone that has stood beside me when times were darkest. She is the one who lights my way. Felicity Smoak. Would you make me the happiest man on the face of the earth? Yes? Yes.Oliver to Felicity
Why do you always take things out on me? You invite me in, and then you push me back. You ask for my opinion, and then you completely ignore me. It hurts, Will. You wouldn't treat anyone else like this, so why me?
Don't you know ?Nathalie & Will
Stiles saved me.Lydia
I will not let you die, Bonnie Bennett.Enzo to Bonnie
- Hello Love.
- Who is this ?
- Ouch ! Has it really been that long ?
Klaus & Caroline
When this is over don't remember this moment, remember the other ones. New Years Eve, champagne - your terrible, terrible guitar playing that never really got any better even though I said it did. And remember - I had over a century of pain and loneliness before I found you and then three glorious years of love. I love you.Enzo to Bonnie
After everything we've been through - the darkness, Hades, and separated by realms. Just wanted to say something when we're not in the middle of a big battle or one of us facing death. When things are just... normal...And what's that, Swan ?I LOVE YOU
Emma and Hook
You know, you're not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we'll get that someday... but we need each other, Bellamy. What we're doing now, the only way we're gonna pull this off is TOGETHER.Clarke to Bellamy
Deep breath...
First came...Me.And dad said... Gee. And then came...Me.And mom said...Wee.And then came...Me. And they said...That's three
Big three BIG THREE!!!!Kevin, Kate & Randall
Know this, love. I will never stop fighting. I will brave the oceans and sail past the sirens to find my way back to you.Enzo to Bonnie
Lydia: Stiles, is this you? Is this actually you?
Stiles: Yeah, it's me. Do you remember the last thing I said to you?
Lydia: You said, 'remember I love you.'
Stiles & Lydia
I don't want to be safe. I want to save Stiles.
I have a son. His name is Mieczysław Stilinski, but we call him Stiles. I remember. When Stiles was a little kid he couldn't say his first name. I'm sure why pretty much rolls of the thong but the closest he could get was Mischief. His mother called him that until... I remember when Stiles first got his Jeep, it belonged to his mother, she wanted him to have it. The first time I took him behind the wheel he ran straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble but he always had a good heart. Always. We are here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body.Noah Stilinski
Dear Bonnie, I'm a coward. I should be saying this to your face not writing this letter but I know if I do you'll talk me out of running away from all my problems. And you're going to make me face the future without Elena and that you're going to make me the best man that I can possibly be, same way she did and I'm absolutely terrified of failing you both. So I'm leaving because I'd rather let you down once then let you down for the rest of your life, and I hope it's the happiest life because you Bonnie Bennett are an amazing woman, a mediocre cross word puzzle player and my best friend.
With love and respect. Damon.Damon to Bonnie
They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship. But with this ring, it now belongs to you.Hook to Emma ♥
Here we go again. Bellamy, if you can hear me, if you're alive, it's been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don't know why I still do this every day. Maybe it's my way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am. Who I was. It's been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven't you? The bunker's gone silent, too. We tried to get them out for awhile, but there was too much rubble. I haven't made contact with them either. Anyway, I still have hope. Tell Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you'll find me. The rest of the planet from what I've seen basically sucks, so... Never mind. I see you.Clarke Griffin
Clay, Helmet. Your name does not belong on this list But you need to be here if I'm going to tell my story. If I'm going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren't every other guy. You're different. You're good and kind and decent. And I didn't deserve to be with someone like you. I never would. I would have ruined you. It wasn't you. It was me and everything that has happened to me.Hannah Baker to Clay Jensen
"I love you. I love how smart you are. I love how beautiful you are. I love your face and I love your butt. I love how much you pretend to like Die Hard. You're kind, and you're funny, and you're the best person I know, and the best detective. Also, for realz, I love your butt. Amy Santiago, will you marry me?"Jake to Amy ♥
One day, long time from now, you're gonna meet someone who's better than me. He's gonna be stronger and handsomer, maybe better at boardgames than me. And when you find him, when you find that guy, that's the guy you're gonna marry, and he is one lucky guy, the guy that gets to marry you Katie girl... And your mom and I, we're gonna be there you know, check him out, make sure he is as good at boardgames as you think that he is.. and assuming that he is, I'll get to walk you down the aisle, and I might even cry a little...Jack to Kate
Fitz, I knew from the moment I saw you, from our first conversation about dielectric polarisation, that you'd be in my life for a very long time. But I didn't know you would be my life. My home. My heart. We joined this team for adventure and got more than we hoped. But I can't wait for our next adventure: building a family together. My love for you grows deeper and always will. No matter where the universe takes us next.Jemma to Fitz ♥
I have been thinking about what to say... I just... words don't really seem enough. I think that you are perfect. And um, I don't deserve you, Jemma. I don't. I don't deserve you. And I'm well aware that I'm the luckiest man on any planet.
Fitz to Jemma ♥
"I think a part of me have always known that you weren't the villain in my story"Caroline to Klaus ♥

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